The Korean Society for Vascular Neurology The Korean Society for Vascular Neurology

The Korean Society for Vascular Neurology.

Recently, with the rapid increase of the elderly population, cerebrovascular disease has become one of the four major causes of death in adults and has become an important research area facing the modern medical world. Although many diathermy societies have already dealt with the field of cerebrovascular diseases, recent trends in rapid medical development have necessitated more active research on cerebrovascular disease.

Stroke, which deals with acute stroke, a typical vascular system disease, has been developed mainly in past epidemiology. Recently, neurocritical care, which focuses on acquiring and applying acute care technology, has been classified as a separate society We are. The two societies in the United States are applying different concepts to treat acute illnesses such as stroke. Therefore, in a new field requiring integrated knowledge such as vascular dementia and cognitive dysfunction, a new integrated discipline of vascular neurology became necessary rather than a fragmented academic approach in the past.

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